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Pierce County: brief thoughts on the August 2 election results

There was a dreary inevitablity to the August 2 elections. The Democrat establishment won out, and we can all go back to sleep. However, I’ll briefly discuss the three candidates I wrote articles about.

The Lakewood Examiner endorsed Melissa Knott for Washington State Representative in the 29th Legislative District, Position 2. Melissa is infuriated by non-partisan politics, and I think she understands that when there is no debate, when there are no split votes, democracy dies. A vote for Melissa Knott was a vote against the Croneyism that pervades Pierce County.

So perhaps it wasn’t surprising that she came in a poor third, with only 16.66% of the vote.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Republican Susanna Keilman did nearly as badly, in her bid to be elected for State Representative, Position 2, in the 28th Legislative District. Yet in spite of only getting 26.16% of the vote, she came second, and goes through to the November election.

Chris Nye, who came third, was also a Republican, so Keilman is likely to pick up his votes. And with Biden continuing to trash the Democrat brand, she might be in with a chance.

Linda Farmer had a great election, getting 43.92% of the vote in the election for Pierce County Auditor. She will get most of Damon Townsend’s votes, so she is all but guaranteed to be elected in November.

Some might ask what I’ve got against her. Well, she hadn’t even finished her first term as Lakewood council member, and yet she wants to move on, to better things. And as a council member, she was largely ineffective, standing by as the rot and the injustice continued.

Worse, if she gets elected as Pierce Couny Auditor, then presumably she will stand down as council member, and the council will appoint an unelected replacement.

But I hear some people claiming that she’s non-partisan, just the person we need as Pierce County Auditor. In which case why did the Pierce County Democrat establishment endorse her?

There’s no point in asking, you’ll get no reply.

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