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Slippery Linda’s running for Pierce County Auditor

American eelLinda Farmer, Democrat and Lakewood council member, has announced her candidacy for Pierce County Auditor.

But why would anyone want to vote for Slippery Linda, much less campaign for her?

In 2019, when Linda Farmer successfully stood for Position 6 on the Lakewood City Council, she was helped by a small army of Democrat doorbellers. However, one of these doorbellers offered me the opinion that she often left the hard work to others.

A year later, the Democrats were again on the campaign trail, trying to get Jani Hitchen elected to Pierce County Council, for District 6. Jason Whalen, Lakewood’s Republican Deputy Mayor, was her opponent.

So did Linda Farmer endorse Jani Hitchen, her fellow Democrat?

Slippery Linda back-stabbed her own doorbellers by endorsing Jason Whalen, as we discover from his 2020 campaign website:

Linda Farmer's 2020 Whalen endorsement.

This endorsement came despite the fact that Jason Whalen sent out a mailer accusing Jani Hitchen of having radical policies, and wanting to defund the police. Hitchen countered the accusation, by saying it was possible that the “division my opponent is causing is straight out of the Trump Republicans’ playbook”.

What Linda Farmer was thinking is anyone’s guess.

More slipperiness is what we see when surveying Linda Farmer’s performance on the Lakewood City Council. On one hand she talks up her progressive credentials – for example regarding the environment – on the other hand she almost invariably defers to mayor Jason Whalen and council member Donald Anderson.

I reported on this recently, when council member Michael Brandstetter proposed having the Garry oak as Lakewood’s official tree. Predictably Donald Anderson opposed the suggestion, and Linda Farmer followed his lead, saying

I would like a little bit more information about what it would mean to designate a city tree, to Council member Anderson’s point. What would happen if we needed to cut one down…?

Back in 2019, the Tacoma News Tribune endorsed Linda Farmer in her bid for Lakewood City Council:

In our estimation, Linda Farmer separates herself from the herd, in part because of her spot-on diagnosis of what ails the city: Lakewood, she told us, has “reputation issues.”

In 2019 Linda Farmer may have been the best of a bad bunch, but right now, in 2022, that endorsement rings hollow. Linda Farmer has not separated herself from the herd – indeed she has shown herself to be a pliant creature of the Anderson-dominated City Council.

If Linda Farmer had genuinely cared about Lakewood’s reputation, she would have posed some fundamental questions. For example, how was it that the City continued to employ three police officers who had been involved in the 2013 killing of Leonard Thomas? How could the City continue to employ officers who had had seven-figure sums awarded against them by a civil jury?

That’s the nature of collective responsibility. It doesn’t matter if Linda Farmer had only been a council member for four months when Said Joquin was shot dead by Michael Wiley, who was one of those three officers.

A grove of Garry oaks and a historic school were leveled to make way for parking lots and warehouses in Woodbrook on Linda Farmer’s watch, too. The annihilation of Lakewood’s Woodbrook neighborhood represents an indelible stain on Lakewood’s reputation.

Saying that the plans to destroy Woodbrook had already been decided, that there was nothing that could have been done, would be no excuse. As a self-proclaimed environmentalist, Linda Farmer should have moved heaven and earth to prevent this catastrophe from occurring.

Slippery Linda, through her behavior and track record, has shown herself to be unsuited for elected office.

Update: Lakewood mayor Jason Whalen is returning the favor and is endorsing Slippery Linda. Click here to read my comments on the matter.

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  • John June 1, 2022, 12:52 am

    As one of the people who worked hard for Linda Farmer, and then Jani Hitchen, I was greatly disappointed in Linda. Thanks for writing this piece — however painful it is to read. You might want to take a close look at Julie Anderson, who has a similar record. Julie has fooled a lot of people over the years.

    • James Dunlop June 1, 2022, 10:17 am


      Thanks for the comment. I think there needs to be greater vetting of candidates, and if elected, they need to be actively monitored. The question is, does something happen once they become elected? Is there a process by which their independent-mindedness gets broken? What kind of conforming pressures did Linda Farmer face when she was elected to the Council?

  • Dawn June 28, 2022, 9:58 pm

    This was an interesting article to read about Linda Farmer. She is currently running against my husband Damon Townsend for Pierce County Auditor. Please check out his website http://www.electdamontownsend.com

    • James Dunlop June 29, 2022, 12:34 am


      Thanks for the comment. I was thinking Damon must be Slippery Linda’s main rival in the primary – with Deryl McCarty certain to get through. It would be nice if Linda Farmer came in third in August. She has been a less than stellar City Councillor, as I have tried to explain, and if by some misfortune she does become County Auditor, that would presumably mean that Lakewood Council get to appoint her successor, which is not what we want.

  • McCarthy January 19, 2023, 1:19 pm

    Why is it that all the Democrat/Climate Change politicians own mineral rights in Texas oil!!!! Call them out on it.

    Julie Anderson’s 2014 Royalty Interest in Bill The Cat W#1-H
    Interest Details
    Raw Owner Name ANDERSON JULIE
    Cleaned Owner Name JULIE ANDERSON
    Owner Address 4604 N 38TH ST TACOMA, WA 98407-4807
    Property Name BILL THE CAT W#1-H
    County Hill County, TX

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